CHT Biennial Conference 2019

Wednesday, May 29, 2019
– Sunday, Jun 2, 2019

Time: 6:00am – 12:00am

Our conference offers Texas weavers time to treasure our past and discover our future in hand weaving and related fiber arts.

CHT 2019 Conference “Treasuring Our past, Discovering Our Future”

Coming May 29 – June 2, 2019, the conference offers Texas weavers time to treasure our past and discover our future in hand weaving and related fiber arts with pre-conference workshops, speakers and seminars.
Priority Registration begins Feb 1, 2019 for those who are members as of Jan 1, 2019. Open Registration begins Feb 16, 2019

For a printable version of the class grid click Here: Class Schedule Grid 2019 FW

Venue and Accommodations:

Reservations may be made through the Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown or by going to Conference 2019 Hotel. Room rate is $135 with covered parking $17.40 per night or secured lot $14.00 per day.

Event Location

Sheraton Fort Worth Downtown Hotel
1701 Commerce Street
Fort Worth, TX 76102

Event Fees:

Membership New or Renewal – Fees (for 7/1/2019 to 6/30/2021)* $ 40.00


Purchase Additional Class Units (If you exceed the included 3 units) $ 25.00

Pre-Conference: W1 Taylor – Weaving Origami $ 185.00

Pre-Conference: W2 Duggan – Weaving Spatially $ 185.00

Pre-Conference: W3 Cameron – Learn to Weave on a Multi-Harness Loom $ 185.00

Pre-Conference: W4 Sutton – Diamonds in Cedar Basket $ 125.00

Pre-Conference: W5 Hall: Four Shaft Tapestry Weaving $ 225.00

Pre-Conference: W6 Doney: Triad Dyeing $ 100.00

Guest Tickets: Friday Dinner and Speaker $ 55.00

Guest Tickets: Saturday Dinner and Presentation $ 55.00

Guest Tickets: Saturday Fashion Show & Awards $ 60.00

Guest Tickets: Sunday Brunch & Speaker $ 50.00

Scholarship Fund Donation (Optional) $ 10.00

  • Class Angel Exhibit Setup Social Events Members Exhibit Attendant Teachers Exhibit Attendant Fashion Show Backstage Vendor Hall CHT Booth Registration Booth General Volunteer
  • Yes No
  • W1 S. Taylor – Weaving Origami (Beg Wed. May 29 @ 1 pm) (This workshop is currently full.) W2 G. Duggan – Weaving Spatially (Beg Wed. May 29 @ 1 pm) W3 A. Cameron – Learn to Weave on a Multi-Harness Loom (Beg Wed. May 29 @ 1 pm) W4 – P. Adams Sutton – Diamonds in Cedar (Beg Wed. May 29 @ 1 pm) NONE
  • W5 J. Hall – Four Shaft Tapestry Weaving (Beg Wed. May 29 @ 1 pm) W6 P. Doney – Triad Dyeing (Beg Thur May 30 @ 8 am) NONE
  • M1 P Adams Sutton – Waves on CedarM2 K. Hobbs – Two-tone Weaver’s Stool (This workshop is currently full.) M3 Y. Klingensmith – Acadian Hand Towels NONE
  • M4 M. Berry – Exploring Four Shaft Shadow Weave M5 S. Morgan – Romantic Wraps NONE
  • S1 (This workshop is currently full.) S2 L. Lovett – Fibers / Where on Earth NONE
  • S3 S. Taylor – Weaving Origami and Other Dimensional Possibilities (This workshop is currently full.) S4 G. Duggan – Webwords S5 A. Barton – Ply Study: Spinning Workshop NONE
  • M6 P. Adams Sutton – Chasing Bear Grass (This workshop is currently full.) M7 Y. Klingensmith – Pick-up Band WeavingM8 L. Lovett – Seam Finishes (This workshop is currently full.) NONE
  • M9 E. Thompson – Ply Split Braiding (This workshop is currently full.) M10 J. Hazelrig – Anthropomorphic Rabbit Figure NONE
  • S6 G. Duggan – Multi Media Fiber Works S7 I. M. Carmel – Unlocking the Weaving Universe S8 A. Barton – Spinning for Socks NONE
  • S9 E. Smith – Woven Paper Cards (8 am Start) S10 C. Moseley – Fun Fiber Activities for Kids (8 am start)S11 (This workshop is currently full.) S12 L. Lovett – Piecing Handwoven Fabrics (8 am start) NONE
  • S13 J. Hazelrig – Children of the Forest (8 am start) S14 E. Miller – Photographing Your Textiles (9 am start) S15 I. M. Carmel – Overshot: Twill on Steroids (9 am start) S16 S. Taylor – Doubleweave (9 am start) NONE

Registration Fees

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I accept the terms and conditions

Read to the bottom of the Terms and Conditions by using the scroll button to the right. Anyone registering for the 2019 Conference who is not already a 2017 -2019 member of CHT must pay the CHT membership fee of $40 to be applied to the 2019 – 2021 membership period. All registrants who pay the $40 CHT membership fee will renew for the period July 1, 2019 – June 30, 2021. *Current 2017 -2019 members may chose to opt out of membership renewal and delete the $40 dues from your registration fee. Use the pull down menu next to membership and click on the “BLANK” field above the “1”.  If you opt out, and do not otherwise pay your dues, you will not be a CHT member after June 30, 2019. You will not be included in the CHT membership roster and will not receive the benefits of CHT Membership. NO REFUNDS AFTER APRIL 30, 2019. LATE FEE OF $25 APPLIED WHEN REGISTERING AFTER MAY 1, 2019. Full conference registration is $255 and includes  3 class units (1 unit = 1/2 day), 3 meals, all featured speakers, fashion show and reception, tour of Perennials Fabrics as described in the published brochure. Registration for Preconference courses only is allowed, but will not entitle the participate access to conference meals or events. Please read course descriptions carefully as many have additional instructor fees and some require the student to provide materials and/or looms. It is highly recommended that you pre-select your course choices using the registration brochure before entering information online. All Material Fees noted in the conference descriptions are payable to the instructor. I hereby grant to Contemporary Handweavers of Texas (CHT) and its authorized representatives permission to take photos and/or videos of my participation in the conference, including images of me and/or my handwork, and to use these photos and videos on the CHT website and as part of any future publications, brochures, or other printed material used to promote CHT, without payment of fees, royalties, special credit or other compensation. Priority registration for the CHT Conference 2019 is open only to those who are CURRENT CHT members on or before January 1, 2019. The priority registration period will open Feb. 1, 2019 and continue through Feb. 15, 2019 Open Registration is available to anyone beginning Feb. 16, 2019.