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Who’s In? CHT Conference 2017

Who’s In? CHT Conference 2017

Online registration continues for the Biennial Conference in Houston, June 2017. Classes in weaving, dyeing, spinning, design, garment making, baskets, and felting. Names like Chandler, Neilson, Hallman, Azure, Rohde, and Zicafoose teaching classes and leading seminars. This conference seems to have something for every fiber-ohalic! Come join the fun!

Eileen Hallman – Charkha Spinni...

Eileen Hallman – Charkha Spinning, Nui Shibori, New Cotton Dyeing

Eileen Hallman – Spinning Judge and Workshop Instructor Eileen Hallman is a knowledgeable spinner, weaver, and dyer, who specializes in cotton. She is the owner of  New World Textiles and has developed a number of products and tools for weavers and spinners, such as the shuttle pictured above, which is designed to hold a charkha…