Daytime Class Options

Register for a choice of one of these fantastic classes:
  • Weaving Photographs in Silk – Margaret Arafat
  • “From the Pine Tree to the Table” Pine Needle Basket – Cindy Balentine
  • Introduction to Tassel Making – Cate Buchanan
  • Chinese Thread Book – Lynn Williams
  • Independent Study — Work on anything you wish with the exception of wet activities such as dying or felting.  You set the pace and select the activity.
Class Descriptions, Fees and Supplies:


Weaving Photographs in Silk – Margaret Arafat

Class Size:  8-12

On Loom:  4 shaft floor or table loom

Class Supply Fee:  $20.00

Completion Time:  Participants will leave with a completed project.

Class Description: 

Participants will turn photographs printed on silk into woven art using a fine silk warp and weft comprised of images printed on silk along with other threads to enhance the photograph, and create a plain weave “fabric.”

Each participant may send up to three photos (pdf only) to Margaret no later than March 1, 2018.  She will forward the edited images to participants prior to printing using image sizes according to individual specifications.  She will bring the printed images to Art Camp, and guide everyone through the process of making her/his project from start to finish.

Registration Deadline for this class is February 23, 2018.  Following sign-up Margaret will communicate with each person on an individual basis with details about what to do to prepare for the class.





Class Supply List: 

  • Pre-threaded loom: 30/2 or finer silk warp sleyed at 30 epi, threaded for plain weave (width will be determined by participants’ images). The warp should be a light or neutral color that doesn’t obscure your photograph.
  • Scissors, including rotary cutters (can share with others); shuttles, bobbins, seam ripper
  • Picture frame(s) for completed project(s) [remove the glass]
  • Copies of the original photographs used are helpful, but not required.
  • Frame mat(s) that will work with the photos used
“From the Pine Tree to the Table” Pine Needle Basket –
Cindy Balentine

Class Size:  10-16

Equipment: None Required

Class Supply Fee:  $5.00

Completion Time: It is possible to complete the project during the class.


Class Description:

Students will produce a pine needle basket sampling wrap, fern and wheat stitches with a focus on making both inside and out equally attractive. Class instruction will include techniques for shaping and finishing, plus methods for using alternate materials, such as grasses and rushes, and the addition of beads to the surface or inserted between the coils.

Class Supply List:

One pair of craft scissors to be used to trim pine needles. Instructor will supply all other necessary materials, including pine needles and stitching materials. Students may bring optional materials: pine needles from their own region, waxed linen for stitching, feathers, beads, etc. for surface decoration.

Introduction to Tassel Making – Cate Buchanan

Class Size:  8-10

Equipment: None Required

Class Supply Fee:  $25.00

Completion Time:  Participants will leave with completed tassels.


Class Description:  

Explore making tassels, from very simple to very elaborate.  We will start with making a basic fold-over tassel, covering cord making and yarn/color blending.  Participants will then choose their next tassel and have the option of creating a wrapped head tassel, or one with other types of embellishments.  Tassel twirling lessons are not part of this class.


Class Supply List:

Scissors, ruler, large eye needles (tapestry, upholstery, etc.) and clamps (my favorites for tassel making are 7-8” spring clamps).  Optional equipment are things like a wide tooth comb, cord twisting devices, reversible drills (no bits needed), extension cords, lights and double pointed knitting needles.  Also bring yarns, beads, forms and anything else you would like to make into a tassel.

Cate will have yarns, beads and miscellaneous materials available for sale.

Chinese Thread Book – Lynn Williams

Class Size: 8 – 15

Equipment: None Required

Class Supply Fee: $18.00 if new student, $5.00 if former participant brings book to class. Each new participant will receive a copy of E. Ruth Smith’s book, “Folded Secrets”.

Class Description:
In this class you will learn to make a paper “wallet” traditionally used by an indigenous Chinese group to store needlework supplies. This book contains 15 pockets that fold flat to create the ultimate portable workbasket. We will explore finishing options for the completed books including decorations, covers and closures so that each participant can create a custom book. Monday morning will be used to either create a mini book project or to learn additional pocket folding techniques.



Class Supply List:
At least four sheets of Lokta paper (20” x 30” sheets. Get 45-60 gsm paper-not the heavyweight kind.) You may purchase solid or screen printed paper, but keep in mind, the printing is on one side only. Feel free to mix and match your paper if desired. The sheets do not need to be the same. I often purchase two coordinating papers.
Also, one piece of heavier paper for the book’s cover. This should be heavy enough to protect your thread book, but flexible enough to fold around it, i.e., think cardstock, not cardboard.
Ruler (metric please- at least 30cm long)
Glue stick – get a big one. UHU is a good brand.
Fine point pencil
90 degree triangle

Optional supplies:
Bone folder
Colored pens/markers
Rubber stamps
Xacto knife
Cutting mat and rotary cutter
Super tape (strong double sided tape such as Thermoweb). This is helpful when attaching the cover to your book.

Sources for Lokta Paper (some of their heavier textured papers make nice covers) (also has glue sticks, triangles and other supplies)
In addition, your local art supply store may carry Lokta. Texas Art Supply in Houston has it, and it is sometimes in stock at Jerry’s Artorama.
Other supplies are generally available at Wal Mart, Amazon, and Michael’s.

If you have any questions about the items on this list, feel free to send me a message at:

Independent Study

Class Size:  Open

 Equipment: Each individual provides their equipment and supplies.  A table and a chair are available if needed.

 Class Supply Fee:  None

Class Description:

You can work on anything with the exception of wet activities such as dying or felting.  There is ample space in the main conference meeting room for you to weave, spin, make a garment, complete all your finish work, wind warp, plan a project, analyze weave structures, experiment with a new weave structure or practice the crochet stitch you learned the night before.  Your friends and fellow weavers can act as resources for you during breaks, meals and the evening social time.  And, if you prefer to sunbathe or swim during the day this can be woven into your independent study time as well!

Class Supply List:

No supplies for daytime classes will be available for purchase.  You will be responsible for bringing what you need.  There are electrical outlets for your use.  Please bring an extension cord, power strip and light.


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