Art Camp Teachers and Classes

Daytime Class Instructors and Classes (Registration Required):

Sherri Woodard Coffey
 Beginning Tapestry Weaving – Daytime Class Option


Cricket Rose
Round Reed Bowl and Flat Twill Weave Bowl – Daytime Class Option


Christine Miller 
Visible Mending / Boro – Daytime Class Option

Boro started in the Japanese culture as a way to keep garments alive by patching them with a visible mending technique.  It was a practical necessity, but with the advent of the Slow Stitch movement, Boro has become an art form.  As we grapple with shrinking resources and the waste of Fast Fashion, embracing the practice of Boro encourages the stitcher to extend the life of their clothing by patching, mending, andcreating a unique piece of fiber art.  No previous skills are required.  We will learn and practice some basic embroidery stitches used in Boro.

The Art Camp attendee is encouraged to bring clothing to mend.  Each attendee could also bring a variety of scrap fabrics, and embroidery threads to donate for the use of the collective.  Christine will bring those items as well, but will also provide a pattern for a simple bag that can be made using Boro principles.

Because of the individual nature of each person’s projects, you may contact Christine in advance of Art Camp to brainstorm with her about your ideas.  Christine will also bring a sewing machine (and you are welcome to as well), but we will be focusing on Slow Stitching and will only use the machine if necessary.  You can reach Christine at


Deborah Harrison
Deflected Doubleweave – Daytime Class Option

Evening Class Instructors and Classes:

Al Hoering
TLC for Your Tools and Equipment – Evening Session


Cate Buchanan
Fabulous Finishes: Fasteners with Fashionable Flair


Peggy Friedriches
Beaded Bracelet – Evening Session


Rasa Silenas
Ribbon Birds and Friends – Evening Session

My kid brother, man of many odd talents, showed me how to weave little birds from the Palm Sunday palms at church. They make up nicely from ribbon too, and once you know how, they just take a few minutes. We will make birds that you can pin to your hat or attach to gift wraps or perch on a tree. Then show your kids how to make them and keep them busy for hours!  We might also make fish or tiny baskets, depending on our mood.


Inga Marie Carmel  Chair – Art Camp 2020


Download the Art Camp Booklet with all information at —
CHT Art Camp 2020 BOOKLET