Art Camp Teachers


Daytime Class Instructors:

Margaret Arafat

I have been a weaver for 20 years, and love exploring new and different ways to manipulate fiber.  My primary focus is using ondulé or fan reeds to create unique cloth that excites me.  I enjoy mentoring new and inexperienced weavers, and demonstrating our craft to the public.  I love and participate in study groups to exchange knowledge and explore new ideas, and for the camaraderie of working toward a shared goal.

Margaret is teaching the daytime class “Weaving Photographs on Silk.”


Cindy Balentine

Cindy  has been converting natural materials into structures since she was six years old and showing the neighborhood kids the proper way to build a fort. Now retired after a career of designing and guiding bigger structures into reality, she spins, knits, weaves and experiments with new baskets outside of San Antonio with her husband, Jim, and their cat, Beau.

Cindy is teaching the daytime class Pine Needle Basketry “From The Pine Tree to the Table.”


Cate Buchanan

I weave, I knit, I like to dye things, I sew and I make tassels.  If it’s fibers, I’ve probably tried the technique.  I’ve been fortunate to support myself as a professional weaver and designer since getting my BS in Textile Design and love to share what I know with other enthusiasts.  And no, I am not able to get the tassels to twirl in opposite directions.

Cate is teaching the daytime class “Introduction to Tassel Making.”


Lynn Williams

Lynn has owned and operated Lynn’s Texas Fibers since 1994. In the past, her work has incorporated handweaving and spinning, but her current focus is on the making and use of silk fusion. She has taught workshops for guilds in Texas and Houston, and also at the Houston Center for Contemporary Craft, where she was an Artist-in-Residence in 2008/2009.

Lynn is teaching the daytime class “Chinese Thread Books.”

FACULTY BIOGRAPHIES Evening Class Instructors:

Julia Alison

I have loved history and the old ways all my life. Because of that, I was ready to jump in with both feet when the opportunity came at a homestead to learn to weave and spin. Their history fascinates me – ancient, medieval, colonial, and 19th century Texas. Spinning and weaving play such a big roll in all of history.


I can still be amazed at how just adding that bit of twist to a fiber gives it the strength it needs to hold together and then go on to be woven, knitted, crocheted, or any other creation you can dream. One of my favorite moments is when kids are twisting top in their hands, and it keeps unraveling, and they get frustrated. But then when they get a long piece and fold it back on itself, and it doesn’t unravel – that look in their eyes is a marvel.

Julia is teaching the Friday evening class “Learning to Use the Drop Spindle.”


Trish Ashton

Trish Ashton has been doing origami since she was a Brownie Scout! She likes to stick to straightforward shapes and designs and prefers the easy to the intricate!


Trish is teaching the Sunday evening class “Origami Wreaths.”


Jenny Barker

Jenny Barker is a long-time member of the San Antonio Handweavers Guild.  She learned to weave at the Southwest School of Art where she met and continues to be inspired by many amazing weavers.  Jenny loves to find simple fiber crafts at fundraisers and bazars.  She then figures out how to make them and enjoys sharing with her friends.  Jenny also makes simple jewelry and tucks earrings or a necklace in the tie pouches as gifts. She lives in the country with her cat, Miss Pele and lots of wildlife.

Jenny is teaching the Friday evening class “Jewelry Pouches Made from Men’s Ties.”
Jenny is Co-chair of Art Camp.


Carol Ann Britt

Carol Ann spent years as an English teacher, but she always used hand crafts as a way to relax. She sews, crochets, knits, quilts, and weaves. While she was laid up from back surgery and a fall, she has made 100 or so crocheted Santa baby hats for Threads of Love that furnished NICU units with them.

Carol Ann is teaching the Saturday evening class “Learning Simple Crochet.”


Donna Vaughan

A self-taught weaver, Donna Vaughan has been weaving for approximately 15 years. She is energized by projects which are easy, forgiving and colorful!


Donna is teaching the Sunday class “Zippered Mesh and Material Necessity Bags.”


Rosanne White

Rosanne White is a San Antonio native and a proud member of the San Antonio Handweavers Guild, which was organized 80 years ago by the participants of a weaving workshop given by Mary Meigs Atwater, herself.  Rosanne has been weaving for 17 years, and has been needle felting and edge beading for 8 years.  Both her weaving and her needle-felted work have been published in Handwoven Magazine.

Rosanne is teaching the Saturday evening class “Needle Felted and Beaded Pin.”
She is co-chair of Art Camp.
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