Susie Taylor — Keynote Speaker

Susie has been weaving for over 30 years, primarily on shaft looms and has 12 years experience designing high-end, jacquard upholstery fabrics. She spent many years exploring hand manipulation techniques to produce multi-layered structures and in 2012 she received the HGA Certificate of Excellence in Handweaving, Level 1. That experience really broadened her skills and understanding of loom controlled structures. Now she finds great potential in combining loom controlled structures with hand manipulation. Today, she is an award-winning artist creating dimensional textiles that incorporates origami and weaving together. She also works as a freelance designer for the commercial upholstery market.

Read more about Susie at her website: Weaving Origami



Gabrielle Duggan — Closing Speaker

Closing Speaker : “Fiber Work: A Call to Responsibility and Agency”

Sunday, June 2 – 11:30 am

Gabrielle Duggan currently is a Visiting Assistant Professor in Fibers at the University of North Texas. She has a Masters of Art and Design from North Carolina State University (NCSU), a Bachelor of Science from Buffalo State College, SUNY, and an Associate Degree in Applied Science from the Fashion Institute of Technology, SUNY.  Gabrielle has worked extensively in the academia world as an Assistant Professor of the Practice at the College of Design at NCSU and a Visiting Lecturer at Georgia State University. She has also conducted workshops in Fibers at NCSU, East Carolina University, the Museum of Contemporary Art in Detroit, and the Contemporary Art Museum of Raleigh, North Carolina.  Gabrielle is represented by AH Arts in New York City and her studio research has been supported by Fellowship and residencies, and grant and exhibition opportunities.

As a Rob R. Dunn Artist in Residence, she collaborated with Biologist Adrian Smith at Smith’s lab in the North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences throughout the year of 2017. They located and cast a Pogonomyrmex ant nest in dental plaster as part of an installation in the lab; art and science research developed side by side and in conversation. This collaboration culminated in a presentation at NCMNS’s Science Cafe and an article in SciArt magazine.

Gabrielle’s other works shown were created working on the TC1 where she will combine traditional overshot patterns with overlays of words, topical mapping lines and looser sections of warp. She does use many techniques including mixed media to create the imaging she desires.


Pre-Conference Workshop:

  • W-2 Weaving Spatially
    • Wednesday, May 29 at 1:00 pm to Friday, May 31 at Noon

Conference Classes:

  • S-4 Webwords
    • Saturday, June 1 9:00 am – Noon
  • S-6 Multi-Media Fiber Works
    • Saturday, June 1 1:00 – 4:00 pm


Polly Adams Sutton — Saturday Night Speaker

Polly Adams Sutton is a full time studio artist, working with cedar bark to create sculptural baskets. Her educational background was art with an emphasis on painting and printmaking. Upon settling in the Pacific Northwest more than 30 years ago, she was introduced to basketry through the Seattle Weaver’s Guild. She harvests cedar bark each spring in logging areas near Seattle, WA.  Her sculptural work is primarily twined with wire over cedar bark. Sutton received an Artist Trust GAP grant in 2012.  This was used in conjunction with the Seattle Weavers Guild Grant for investigating the basketry of Sardinia.  Her work was chosen for the cover illustration of “500 Baskets” and most recently her sculptural basket traveled with the National Basketry show, Rooted, Revived, Reinvented: Basketry in America.