Study Group

2019 CHT Conference: “Re-Imagining Our Past” Towel Exchange Study Group

The 2019 CHT Conference Study Group is specifically tied to the theme, “Celebrating Our Past, Discovering Our Future.” 
Instead of having a study group with only an exchange of samples, this one includes towels and swatches.

The Study Group:

Members of this group will use one of twelve sample-drafts chosen from back issues of the CHT Newsletter Archive as the inspiration to weave modern adaptations.

Click Here for Sample-Draft Page Here

Each of the drafts shows one to three repeats of the original.  Information about the original fiber, sett, or “how to weave” instructions is not included because the aim is to reinterpret the cloth, to start from scratch.  Although the information is available if you have access to the samples, the idea is to make updated cloth using your draft.  Colors used to highlight some of the original drafts are not necessarily the same used at that time.  A loom with at least four-shafts is needed for this project.

All samples will be woven using Conference colors only: black, red and gray.

The red or gray may be any shade of red or gray/silver.  White may be used as an accent since it traditionally goes with these colors.  Any amount of the Conference colors may be used, but all three must be in each sample and towel.

As in any towel exchange fiber choice is a consideration; you need to use something appropriate for their use.  Sometimes, however, a towel looks too good to use in the kitchen, but is perfect as a dresser cloth, table runner, a decorative piece for a holiday or in the powder room.  In other words, have fun with your cloth.

Apart from color requirements, there are no limits to how you interpret the draft, and that includes fiber choices.  Think of ways to alter the draft to make it yours and make it current: turn it; alter threading and treadling repeats and/or sequences; use the original draft as a profile to create something new; try unique fiber; etc.  Do look at both sides of each draft to ensure your choices will work for your cloth’s intended use.

The Samples

Handtowels: Each member will weave at least three handtowels for the exchange, and will receive three in return.  Members are not limited to three.  The more towels woven, the more towels received.  The warp should be long enough to weave the number of towels you want in exchange plus a bit extra for swatches (below).  Finished towels should measure approximately 17”x26” after hemming and washing.  Each towel must be tagged with the weaver’s name, identity of the original draft, and the care instructions.

Swatches: In addition to the towels, participants will weave a 3”x 3” swatch for every Study Group member.  This ensures each participant gets at least a sample of everyone’s work.  Swatches will be attached to a short write-up that includes the original draft, a drawdown of its revision (including different treadling sequences if more than one is used), the fiber and sett, a brief discussion about the process, and any resources that might have used.  Include two extra write-up sheets, each with a 3”x 3” swatch, to go in notebooks for the CHT Archive and as a raffle item at the Conference.  Each write-up and attached swatch is to be put in a 3-hole punch plastic page protector.

Sign-up and Deadlines

During the first week of September, a account on which participants can sign-up will be created.  This will be the place to ask questions, share information and make comments.  WIFs of the drafts will also be available on the site.  Once the site is live, CHT members will be notified.  Members without Internet access, may sign-up by contacting the Group Coordinator directly.  For additional information about this group, contact Margaret Arafat. Margaret’s contact info is located in the Members Roster located on the Archive Page: CHT Member Roster

The deadline to sign-up is December 31, 2018.  Within two weeks of the deadline, an email will be sent to participants informing them of the total number of write-up sheets that should be submitted.

All sample packets must be received not later than April 30, 2019.

Mail packets to Jackie Wallace, PO Box 37, Moran, Texas 76464.  Do not mail them to Margaret Arafat.   Jackie will compile the packets, and ensure they are distributed at the Conference.  If you cannot attend the Conference, but want to participate in this Group, you are welcome and encouraged to do so.  After the Conference, your packet of towels and write-up sheets will be mailed to you.

Although Conference attendance is not required to join the Group, we hope many CHT members will participate, and share their vision of how to celebrate the Organization’s past by re-envisioning its cloth.

Study Group Committee Members: Janet Good, Micheale Thompson, Jackie Wallace , and Margaret Arafat, Group Coordinator, FWWG