Time to Send in Your Members’ Exhibit and Fashion Show Entry Forms

The first deadlines for the Members’ Exhibit and Fashion Show is almost at hand. All Entry Forms and fees for both events must be sent by April 15. That’s only 11 short days from now. We need those forms to plan the layout for the Exhibit, prepare the Fashion Show, and ensure the Conference Brochure is put together and printed in time for the Conference. Late submission of Exhibit Forms will not be accepted.

Now’s the time! Whether you are weaving, dyeing, felting, beading, spinning, etc., stop for as long as it takes to complete your Members Exhibit and Fashion Show form(s), write the check for the fees, and put the stamped envelope in the mail.

As a reminder, entry fees are —
Members’ Exhibit: $10 per entry, limit three entries
Fashion Show: $10 per entry, limit three entries
CHT Life Members are not required to pay entry fees, (CHT Bylaws: Article VIII, Section 2).

Send forms, fees and items for the Members’ Exhibit to –
CHT Members’ Exhibit, c/o Margaret Arafat
1738 Blevins Lane
Keller, Texas 76248-3714

Send forms, fees and items for the Fashion Show to –
CHT Members’ Fashion Show, c/o Katie Gosko
106 N. Casa Grande Circle
Duncanville, Texas 75116

Forms and labels are found in the back of the CHT Conference Registration Booklet and on the CHT website at
And just so you don’t forget, the items themselves, and their official labels, must be postmarked no later than May 13. Late entries will not be accepted.

All CHT Members are encouraged to submit items for the Members’ Exhibit and/or Fashion Show whether they attend the Conference or not.