Members Awards – CHT 2017

It was a pleasure and an honor to see the work of our fellow weavers, spinners, felters, and basketry artists at this year’s conference in Sugar Land, Texas.  The items entered into this year’s Fashion Show and Members’ Exhibit displayed remarkable artistry, craftsmanship and skill. Each piece inspires  fellow members of the CHT community to achieve our own personal best. Thank you to all who entered and congratulations to all who were honored with an award.

Marian Chin “Spot Bronson Bread Cloth” (top, left), Charlotte Lindsay Allison “Opphämta on the Draw Loom” (top, right), Lynn Smetko “Espresso Lace” (bottom, left) , Gwenn Lasswell  “ Fractal Handspun” (bottom, right)

To see all the pictures from the Fashion Show and Members Exhibit, follow these links: 

Members Exhibit Google Photos
Fashion Show Google Photos

Recognition: Fashion Show

3rd place – Sally Gelbaugh “Confetti Topper”

2nd Place -Charlene Kolb “Bands of Gold”

1st Place-Tracy Kaestner “Shades of Gray”

Best of Fashion Show – Yohannah Klingensmith “Noa’s Wedding

Judge’s Choice – Olga Tarasova “Wrap Skirt and Sweater”

Member’s Choice – Julie Karlson Coat

Shown left to right: Yohannah Klingensmith “Noa’s Wedding, Julie Karlson Coat, Olga Tarasova “Wrap Skirt and Sweater”

Recognition: Member’s Exhibit


3rd Place – Rasa Silenas   “Lap Robe /Grandma’s Apron”

2nd Place –Judy Phillips “Sotis Cloth”

1st Place – Lisa Hardaway“ Why?”


3rd Place– Gwenn Lasswell “Mystery Fiber”

2nd Place –Charlotte Lindsay Allison “Silk on a Spindle”

1st Place – Gwenn Lasswell  “ Fractal Handspun”

Fashion Accessories

3rd Place – DeeDee Woodbury “Kelp Shadows”

2nd Place-Olga Tarasova “Black Swan”

1st Place-Lynn Smetko “Espresso Lace”

Art Concept 2D and 3D

3rd Place– Rebecca Shanks “String Me Along”

2nd Place -Laura Viada “Distance Vision”

1st Place-Laura Viada “Apparitions”

Special Recognitions

Judges Choice-DeeDee Woodbury “Lake Superior Rocks” (top right)

Best of Member’s Exhibit –Laura Viada “Illuminati” (left)

Member’s Choice – Member’s Exhibit- John Schmacht “Helen Jarvis “Double Chariot Wheel” Queen Bedspread” (bottom right)

Special Awards

Complex Weaver’s Award –Lynn Smetko “Espresso Lace”

HGA Award –Charlotte Lindsay Allison “Opphämta on the Draw Loom”

Handwoven Weaving for the Home Award –Marian Chin “Spot Bronson Bread Cloth”

CHT 2017 Best of Show -Laura Viada “Illuminati”

Want to see all the pictures from the

Fashion Show and Members Exhibit? Follow these links: 

Members Exhibit Google Photos

Fashion Show Google Photos

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